D21 Softball

3rd Annual Bob Klooster Memorial Invitational

Men's Class D & E

Charlevoix, MI


The tournament was called after the first game on Sunday due to a thunderstorm that left the field unplayable.  Order of finish was determined based on games played to that point in time.

Order of Finish:
1. BC Pizza from Petoskey – 3-0 record, 13 runs allowed
2. Cheboygan Merchants from Cheboygan – 3-0 record, 19 runs allowed
3. BASES / Trophy Case from Charlevoix & Petoskey – 3-1 record
4. JNC Electric from Ellsworth – 2-2 record
5. Prestige Panthers from Elliot Lake, Ontario – 1-2 record
6. Little Traverse Lawn Care from Harbor Springs – 0-3 record
7. Matelski Lumber from Boyne Falls – 0-4 record

Tournament Highlights: 
Jim Potter, pitcher for BASES / Trophy Case, had 3 wins and 0 losses for the weekend as he pitched 19 innings, allowed 0 runs, 5 hits, 10 strikeouts and 1 walk.  During his 3 shutouts, he had two games that were 1 hit shy of perfect games.  This follows knee replacement surgery in December and shoulder surgery two years ago!  Potter will be turning 50 years old in August and has been pitching in Charlevoix since he was a child.  He is a very likely candidate for the Michigan Amateur Softball’s Hall of Fame which would make him the second Charlevoix pitcher to earn such honors.  The other Hall of Fame pitcher is Bob Klooster who this tournament is named after.

Game Results:

Game 1:  JNC Electric – 5 (5 hits) over Little Traverse Lawn Care – 0 (2 hits)
WP – Corey Essenberg (10 K’s, 4 BB’s), LP – Doyle Dustin (3 K’s, 2 BB’s)
JNC – Singles by Bobby Nichols, Corey Essenberg, Greg Kitson, Todd Hasse and Denzil Wilson.
LTLC – Singles by Jaime Barkley and Clark Hewitt.

Game 2: BASES / Trophy Case – 7 (11 hits) over Little Traverse Lawn Care – 0 (3 hits)
WP – Jim Potter (1 K, 1 BB), LP – Dave Seigrist (1 K, 2 BB’s)
B/TC – Steve Hopkins was 4x4 with a double, Ed Smith was 2x4, Tim Hasse tripled, singles by Mike Piehl, Scott Kelly, Brad Hasse and Dan Wilcox.
LTLC – Singles by Mark Smith, Kolby Andrews and JD Arman.
Notes:  This was Jim Potter’s first complete game in several years following several surgeries on his shoulder and knee, finishing the game with a 3 hit shutout.  Only one runner reached 2nd base which came on a fielding error when a pop up was mishandled.

Game 3:  BC Pizza – 10 (14 hits) over BASES / Trophy Case – 9 (13 hits)
WP – Darren VanderArk (4 IP, 2 R’s, 4 H’s, 4 K’s, 5 BB’s) in relief of Francis Hiar (3 IP, 7 R’s, 10 H’s, 0 K’s, 3 BB’s), LP – Scott Kelly (6 K’s, 6 BB’s)
BC Pizza – Dan Plichta and Brent Barr were each 3x4, Scott Cischke was 3x5, Clair Waterson tripled, Tim Pennell doubled, singles by Eric Fettig, Bill Brilley and Richard Fosmore.
B/TC – Matt Hall had a double and triple, Kraag Lieberman and Dan Wilcox were each 2x3, Mike Piehl, Scott Kelly and Tim Hasse were each 2x4, Matt Zulski singled.
Notes:  BC Pizza scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning to take a 9-7 lead, BASES / Trophy Case scored 2 in the top of the 7th inning to tie it at 9 runs.  In the bottom of the 7th inning, Tim Pennell led off with a double, Eric Fettig was walked, Pennell stole 3rd base, a ground out got the first out and put runners at 2nd and 3rd, Bill Brilley was intentionally walked to load the bases and Richard Fosmore earned a base on balls to bring in the game winning run.  BASES / Trophy Case had 6 errors in the game; BC Pizza made no errors.

Game 4:  Cheboygan Merchants – 9 (9 hits) over Matelski Lumber – 8 (11 hits)
WP – Stu Hancock (3 K’s, 3 BB’s), LP – Rick Matelski (3 K’s, 3 BB’s)
Cheboygan – Scott Hancock had a triple and a single, Ben Schley tripled, Randy Wheelock doubled, singles by Mike Lalonde, Stu Hancock, Mike Barber, Shane Barber and Brian Hancock.
Matelski – Bryce Weston had 2 triples, Art Grawey had a double and single, Josh Polver was 2x3, Terry Fillmore doubled, singles by Rick Klungle, Keith Young and Brian Lepird.

Game 5:  BC Pizza – 11 (13 hits) over Prestige Panthers – 1 (3 hits) in 5 innings
WP – Darren VanderArk (5 K’s, 1 BB), LP – Scott Jackson (0 K’s, 1 BB)
BCP – Brent Barr was 3x3, Cory Ciesielski and Richard Fosmore were each 2x3, Eric Fettig was 2x4, Cole Kruzell doubled, singles by Scott Cischke, Bill Brilley and Dan Plichta.
Prestige – Singles by Liam Halligan, Kyle Stutt, Chad Prest.

Game 6: Cheboygan Merchants – 6 (9 hits) over JNC Electric – 5 (11 hits)
WP – Earl Wright (6 K’s, 0 BB’s), LP – Adam Dustin (1 K, 3 BB’s)
Cheboygan – Randy Wheelock was 2x3 with an out of the park homerun, Mike Lalonde and Stu Hancock doubled, singles by Ben Schley, Mike Barber, Tracey Woiderski, Shane Barber and Brian Hancock.
JNC – Greg Kitson was 4x4 with a triple, Corey Essenberg had an inside the park homerun, Chet Raymond tripled, singles by Bobby Nichols, Adam Dustin, Al Stallard, Denzil Wilson and Dutch Essenberg.

Game 7:  Prestige Panthers – 7 (6 hits) over Matelski Lumber – 0 (2 hits)
WP – Liam Halligan (9 K’s, 1 BB), LP – Tom Vargo with Rick Matelski in relief (combined 1 K, 5 BB’s)
Prestige – Liam Halligan had 2 hits, Matt Shackleton had a double, singles by Aaron Marcella, Kyle Strutt and Chad Prest.
Matelski – Singles by Bryan Lepird and Marty Drier.

Game 8: BASES / Trophy Case – 3 (5 hits) over JNC Electric – 0 (1 hit)
WP – Jim Potter (5 K’s, 0 BB’s), LP – Corey Essenberg (2 K’s, 5 BB’s)
B/TC – Scott Kelly was 2x2 with a walk and RBI, Mike Piehl tripled, Steve Hopkins doubled and Matt Zulski singled.  Ed Smith had an RBI on an infield ground out.  The third run was scored on a wild pitch.
JNC – Al Stallard singled.
Notes:  Stallard’s single with one out in the 3rd inning was the only thing preventing Jim Potter from throwing a perfect game.  Potter finished with a one hitter and his second complete game shutout of the weekend.

Game 9:  Cheboygan Merchants – 9 (12 hits) over Little Traverse Lawn Care – 6 (11 hits)
WP – Stu Hancock (4 K’s, 4 BB’s), LP – Doyle Dustin (2 K’s, 2 BB’s)
Cheboygan – Stu Hancock was 3x3 with a double and triple, Mike Barber was 3x4, Randy Wheelock was 2x4 with a double and triple, singles by Scott Hancock, Shane Barber and Brian Hancock.
LTLC – Scott Lepird was 3x4 with a triple, Mark Wilson was 2x3, JD Armon was 2x4. Jaime Barkley doubled, singles by Todd Flynn, Mark Smith and Dave Woods.

Game 10:  BASES / Trophy Case – 8 (10 hits) over Matelski Lumber – 0 (1 hit) in 5 innings
WP – Jim Potter (4 K’s, 0 BB’s), LP – Tom Vargo (2 K’s, 3 BB’s)
B/TC – Scott Kelly was 2x2 with a double and 2 RBI’s, Tim Hasse was 2x3 with a double and 3 RBI’s, Matt Hall was 2x3 with a triple and 2 RBI’s, Brad Hasse had a single and RBI, singles by Mike Piehl, Steve Hopkins and Kraag Lieberman.
Matelski – Nick Dustin had a single.
Notes:  Dustin’s single in the 3rd inning was the only batter preventing Jim Potter from throwing a perfect game in 5 innings.  This was Potter’s 3rd complete game, 3rd shutout for the weekend and 2nd “one hit shy of a perfect game” for the tournament.

Game 11:  JNC Electric – 10 (10 hits) over Prestige Panthers – 8 (8 hits)
WP – Corey Essenberg with Adam Dustin in relief (combined 5 K’s, 3 BB’s), LP – Kyle Stutt with relief from Scott Jackson and Liam Halligan (combined 2 K’s, 7 BB’s)
JNC – Bobby Nichols was 3x3, Adam Dustin and Al Stallard were each 2x3, singles by Corey Essenberg, Todd Hasse and Chet Raymond.
Prestige – Liam Halligan was 2x2 with a double, Jeff Matheson was 2x3, singles by Keith Kennedy, Matt Shackleton, Adam White and Brad Matheson.

Game 12 was delayed 90 minutes due to rain on Sunday morning.

Game 12:  BC Pizza – 6 (10 hits) over Matelski Lumber – 3 (5 hits)
WP – Darren VanderArk (9 K’s, 6 BB’s), LP – Rick Matelski (3 K’s, 4 BB’s)
BC Pizza – Brent Barr was 3x4 with a triple, Kory Ciesielski was 2x2, Cole Kruzell was 2x3 with a triple, Bill Brilley tripled, singles by Eric Fettig and Richard Fosmore.
Matelski – Art Grawey hit an inside the park homerun, Tom Vargo doubled, singles by Keith Young, Rick Matelski and Terry Fillmore.

Following the completion of Game 12 on Sunday morning, another wave of thunderstorms hit the area and delayed the start of Game 13.  After 30 minutes of rain, a heavy downpour flooded the field and made it unplayable for the rest of the day resulting in the cancellation of the remaining tournament schedule.