D21 Softball

Ken Zulski Memorial Invitational

Men's Class B & C

Petoskey, MI


Tournament Results:

Game 1: All Sports Vending (Petoskey)-12 over WCF (Coleman)-4
Game 2: Munger Bulldogs (Munger) over Eikenhout (Allendale)-6
Game 3: Frankenmuth Driving School (Frankenmuth)-5 over Buist Electric (Byron Center)-4
Game 4: All Sports Vending-12 over Bay City Grizzlies (Bay City)-2
Game 5: Frankenmuth-6 over Munger-5
Game 6: Buist-14 over Eikenhout-9
Game 7: Munger-8 over WCF-6
Game 8: Buist-2 over Bay City-1
Game 9: All Sports-8 over Frankenmuth-6
Game 10: Munger-5 over Buist-1
Game 11: Frankenmuth-14 over Munger-5
Game 12: Championship - Frankenmuth-13 over All Sports-10
Game 13: If Game - All Sports-10 over Frankenmuth-2

Notes:  The entire weekend was played in rainy conditions.  Thanks to the umpires, players and grounds crew from the City of Petoskey for their willingness to make the best of the situation.  All games were played; no stoppage of play took place and the tourney was completed with a little peak of sunshine during the championship and if games.

Order of finish:
1 - All Sports Vending (Petoskey) 4-1
2 - Frankenmuth Driving School (Frankenmuth) 4-2
3 - Munger Bulldogs (Munger) 3-2
4 - Buist Electric (Byron Center) 2-2
5 - Bay City Grizzlies (Bay City) 0-2
5 - WCF (Coleman) 0-2
7 - Eikenhout (Allendale) 0-2