D21 Softball

Men's B State Finals

Men's Class B

Charlevoix, MI


Individual Awards (picture L-R: Jon, Ryan, Pete, Chad)

Individual Awards (picture L-R: Jon, Ryan, Pete, Chad)
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Sportsman's Park from Jackson wins B State Finals with 4-0 record.  Many of these same players were Class C State Finals Co-Champions in 2003 due to championship day thunder and lightning storms held in Petoskey last year.

Order of Finish:
1-Sportsman’s Park – Jackson – D3, Region A – 4-0 record
2-Tiffany’s Food & Spirits – Frankenmuth – D17, Region F – 4-2 record
3-Priority Mortgage – Grand Rapids – D8, Region C – 2-2 record
4-Trophy Case – Petoskey – D21, Region G – 3-2 record
5-Up to Date Painting – Millington – D17, Region F – 2-2 record
5-Coppens Brigade – Midland – D16, Region F – 2-2 record
7-Andreas Construction – Homer – D3, Region A – 1-2 record
7-Kelders – Ludington – D18, Region G – 0-2 record
9-Auburn Buzz – Auburn – D17, Region F – 0-2 record
9-CommuniQuest – Midland – D16, Region F – 0-2 record

Individual Awards:
Pitcher – Pete Loachridge from Tiffany’s – 4 wins,2 losses,41IP,35H,14R,46K,2BB
Hitter – Jon Brunink from Priority Mortgage - .642 avg
Infielder – Chad Furgeson from Sportsman’s Park – 538 avg
Outfielder – Ryan Tundevold from Sportsman’s Park - .583 avg

Game Summaries:

Game 1:  Trophy Case – 5 (6 hits) over Auburn Buzz – 4 (7 hits)
WP-Jeff Petitt (9K,0BB) LP-Brian Keidel (7K,3BB)
Notes: Score 1-1 after 5 innings, Trophy Case scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning for a 5-1 lead on 2 solo homeruns (Petitt and Alward) and a 2 RBI single (Buchanan), Auburn Buzz scored 3 runs in the top of the 7th inning with one out on a single (Garcia), pinch hit 2 run homer (Melick) and a pinch hit solo homer (Fournier) before a ground out and strike out ended the game.
Trophy Case – Homeruns by Jeff Petitt, Bill Alward and Denny Hewitt, triple by Scott Kelly, singles by Jim Buchanan and Tracy Piehl
Buzz – 2 hits by Justin Garcia, pinch hit homeruns by Bill Melick and Chad Fournier, triple by Dave Mammel and singles by Trent Ruthig and Darrin Haut.

Game 2:  Up to Date – 4 (7 hits) over Andreas – 1 (4 hits)
WP-Mike Spagnuolo (9K,2BB) LP-Jeff Sherman (7K,2BB)
Up to Date – Dave Lach had 2 hits with a triple, Kai Northrup homered
Andreas – Singles by Derek Griffith, Steve Myers, Bruce Miller and Clint Cook

Game 3:  Sportsman’s Park – 7 (9 hits) over CommuniQuest – 0 (2 hits)
WP-Sean Kelly (8K,2BB) LP-Shane Wilson (5IP,5R,8H,6K,3BB) with relief from Eric Wilson (2IP,2R,1H,3K,1BB)
Sportsman’s – 3 hits by Ryan Tundevold, homerun and double by Adam Saylor, 2hits with a homerun for Chad Furgeson
CommuniQuest – Brad O’Keefe doubled and Mike Hoon singled

Game 4:  Priority – 4 (10 hits) over Coppens – 3 (8 hits)
WP-Duke VanderArk (12K,2BB) LP-Greg Wright (1/3 IP,2R,2H,0K,1BB) in relief of Rob Callamer (6IP,2R,8H,3K,2BB)
Notes: Coppens scored 3 runs in top of 1st, Priority scored 4 runs in bottom 7th
Priority – 3 hits by Mike Gruppen and Jon Brunink, 2 hits by Scott Gruppen
Coppens – Mike Young and Seth Freed each had 2 hits

Game 5:  Tiffany’s – 4 (6 hits) over Trophy Case – 0 (4 hits)
WP-Pete Loachridge (8K,2BB) LP-Bill Yoder (4K,1BB)
Notes: Tiffany’s scored 3 runs in the top of the 3rd on 2 wild pitches and an error after 3 singles to load the bases.  Gary Thompson had a solo homer in the top of the 7th inning.
Tiffany’s – Mike Meinecke had 3 hits, Gary Thompson homered, singles by Dale Doughty and Rich Katherns
Trophy Case – Mike Piehl had 2 hits, singles by Jim Buchanan and Jeff Petitt

Game 6:  Up to Date – 5 (7 hits) over Kelders – 2 (6 hits)
WP-Mike Spagnuolo (2 2/3IP,0R,1H,4K,1BB) in relief of Dan Neff (4 1/3IP, 2R, 5H, 1K,4BB) LP-Brian Whitman (9K,6BB)
Up to Date – Chan Hutchins had 3 hits with a homerun, Steve Shores tripled
Kelders – Brian Whitman had 2 hits

Game 7: Andreas – 9 (10 hits) over CommuniQuest – 6 (6 hits)
WP-Jeff Sherman – (5K,6BB) LP-Shane Wilson – (2K,2BB)
Andreas – Derek Lytle had 3 hits, 2 hits each by Jeff Sherman and Bruce Miller, homerun by Jim Huffman
CommuniQuest – 2 hits by Mark O’Keefe including a homerun, homers by Mike Hoon, Darren Haut and Steve O’Keefe

Game 8:  Coppens – 7 (9 hits) over Auburn Buzz – 0 (3 hits)
WP-Greg Wright (5K,2BB) LP-Brian Keidel (5K,3BB)
Coppens – 3 hits by Mike Young, 2 hits by Ty Storrs, homeruns by Seth Freed, Neil Faccio and Dave Caldwell
Buzz – singles by Trent Ruthig, Darrin Haut and Randy Gushow

Game 9:  Trophy Case – 17 (16 hits) over Andreas – 7 (9 hits)
WP-Jeff Petitt (12K,0BB) LP-Jeff Sherman (3IP,13R,9H,0K,0BB) in relief of Eric Boyd (4IP,4R,7H,1K,3BB)
Trophy Case – 3 hits by Jim Buchanan with a double, 3 hits by Bill Alward, 2 hits with a double by Scott Kelly, 2 hits by Tracy Piehl and Mike Piehl, homerun by Jeff Petitt
Andreas – 3 homeruns by Steve Meyers, 2 hits by Bruce Miller

Game 10:  Coppens – 8 (9 hits) over Kelders – 5 (8 hits)
WP-Greg Wright (5K,4BB) LP-Brian Whitman (6K,3BB)
Coppens – Mike Young had a single, double and triple, Neil Faccio had a homerun and double, Dave Caldwell had 2 hits with a double, Jason McIntyre and Seth Freed homered.
Kelders – Tony Schneider had 2 hits, Mike Heemstra and Jeff Tuka doubled

Game 11:  Sportsman’s Park – 7 (8 hits) over Tiffany’s – 2 (4 hits)
WP-Jeff Lovell (7K,1BB) LP-Pete Loachridge (10K,1BB)
Sportsman’s Park – 3 hits by Garry Franson, 2 hits by Trevor Kelly and Ryan Tundevold
Tiffany’s – Dale Doughty had a double

Game 12:  Priority Mortgage – 7 (13 hits) over Up to Date – 0 (2 hits)
WP-Duke VanderArk (8K,1BB) LP-Mike Spagnuolo (6 2/3IP,6R,10H,3K,0BB) with relief from Dan Neff (1/3IP,1R,3H,0K,0BB)
Priority – 3 hits with a double by Jon Brunink, 2hits with a double by Tracy Boetsma and 2 hits each by Mike Gruppen and Tim GrassmidUp to Date – singles by Kai Northrup and Steve Shores

Game 13:  Tiffany’s – 8 (8 hits) over Coppens – 0 (4 hits) in 5 innings
WP-Pete Loachridge (10K,0BB) LP-Rob Collamer (2K,3BB)
Tiffany’s – 2 hits by Mike Meinecke, homeruns by Brent Lynch and Justin Hopp Coppens – Singles by Mike Young, Neil Faccio, Dave Caldwell and Ty Storrs

Game 14:   Trophy Case – 6 (13 hits) over Up to Date Painting – 0 (3 hits)
WP-Bill Yoder (1K,1BB) LP-Dan Neff (1K,1BB)
Trophy Case – 3 hits with a double by Jeff Petitt, double and single by Jim Buchanan, 2 hits each by Tracy Piehl and Mike Piehl, doubles by Scott Kelly and Matt Hall, singles by Bill Alward and Shawn Racignol
Up to Date – Steve Findlay doubled, Chan Hutchins and Dave Lach singled

Game 15 (Winner Bracket Final): Sportsman’s Park – 6 (9 hits) over Priority Mortgage – 4 (10 hits)
WP-Sean Kelly (8K,1BB) LP-Duke VanderArk (3K,4BB)
Notes: This was the last game on Saturday night before a large crowd under the lights at the waterfront. Many in the crowd on Sunday commented that this was THE GAME that decided the tournament.

Priority scored in bottom of the 2nd inning after Jon Brunink singled, was sacrificed to 2nd base and was brought home with 2 outs on a single by Mike Lalonde.  Sportsman’s scored a run in the top of the 3rd to tie it at 1-1 when Trevor Kelly had an RBI single to score Ryan Saylor who reached base on an error and was sacrificed to 2nd base.  Priority scored in the bottom of the 4th on a 2 out RBI single by Mike Lalonde bringing in Tim Grassmid who doubled with one out.  Sportsman’s tied the game at 2 in the top of the 5th inning when Trevor Kelly hit an RBI double to score Chad Ferguson who reached base on a single with one out.  Priority took the lead in the bottom of the 6th inning when Jon Brunink singled, advanced to second on a sacrifice and scored on a single by Kevin Gruppen.  The inning ended when Mike Lalonde lined out to the pitcher who doubled off Gruppen at first base with Priority in the lead 3-2.  Sportsman’s scored 4 runs in the top of the 7th inning on a walk, 3 hits and an error to make the score 6-3.  Priority got a solo homerun from Devyn Boetsma with one out to make it 6-4, then had back to back singles with two outs, both runners advanced on a passed ball and the game ended on a strike out with baserunners at 2nd and 3rd.

Sportsman’s – 3 hits with a double by Trevor Kelly, 2 hits each by Chad Ferguson and Ryan Tundevold, singles by Sean Kelly and Adam Saylor.
Priority – 2 hits each by Mike Gruppen, Jon Brunink and Mike Lalonde, homerun by Devyn Boetsma, double by Tim Grassmid, singles by Tracy Boetsma and Kevin Gruppen.

Game 16: Tiffany’s – 2 (5 hits) over Trophy Case – 1 (4 hits) in 9 innings
WP-Pete Loachridge (15K,1BB) LP-Jeff Petitt (12K,1BB)
Notes: Tiffany’s had 3 batters reach first base after the 1st inning but none advanced to 2nd base until Brent Lynch’s walk-off homerun in the 9th with one out. Trophy Case left runners at 2nd or 3rd base in the 1st, 4th, 6th and 8th innings.
Tiffany’s – Brad Gnatkowski had an RBI infield single in the bottom of the first inning, Mike Meinecke led off 2nd inning with a single and was thrown out stealing, Dale Doughty had a single in the 3rd inning, Brett Szagesh singled in the 5th inning, and Brent Lynch hit the walk off homerun in the bottom of the 9th with one out.
Trophy Case – Jeff Petitt singled in the 4th and scored on Mike Piehl’s RBI single, Scott Kelly led off the 6th inning with a single, stole second with 2 outs and advanced to 3rd on a passed ball before a line drive to the shortstop ended the inning, Tim Hasse singled in the 8th inning with one out, advanced to second on a ground out before a ground out to the pitcher ended the inning.

Game 17:  Tiffany’s – 3 (6 hits) over Priority Mortgage – 2 (4 hits)
WP-Pete Loachridge (9K,0BB) LP-Tracy Boetsma (8K,2BB)
Notes: Tiffany’s scored one run in the top of the 2nd inning, Priority picked up 2 runs on RBI hits by Tim Grassmid and Mike Lalonde to take the lead in the 4th inning, Tiffany’s regained the lead with 2 runs in the top of the 5th inning on Ed Gerow’s double.
Tiffany’s – 2 hits each by Dale Doughty and Ed Gerow, double by Rich Katherns and a single by Mike Meinecke.
Priority – Double by Mike Lalonde, singles by Mike Gruppen, Jon Brunink and Tim Grassmid.

Game 18 (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME): Sportsman’s Park – 4 (7 hits) over Tiffany’s Food & Spirits – 2 (6 hits)

WP-Jeff Lovell (6IP,4K,1BB,2R) with relief from Sean Kelly (1IP,1H,0K,0BB,0R)
LP-Pete Loachridge (3K,0BB)

Notes: Sportsman’s scored in top of the 1st on Gary Franson solo homer, added 2 more on homerun by Chad Furgeson in the 3rd, added another run on Franson’s RBI sacrifice fly in 5th to score Ryan Saylor who led off the inning with a single to take a 4-0 lead, Tiffany’s scored in bottom of 5th on Dale Doughty’s RBI single that brought in Drew Collison who led off the inning with a double to make the score 4-1 after 5 innings.  Tiffany’s Brent Lynch hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 6th inning to make the game 4-2.  Sportsman’s went down in order in the top of the 7th and brought in Sean Kelly to pitch the bottom of the 7th.  Tiffany’s led off the inning with a single, the next hitter grounded into a fielder’s choice for the first out at 2nd base and the game ended with a line drive back to the pitcher who doubled off the runner at 1st base.

Sportsman’s – Chad Furgeson had 2 hits including a homerun, Gary Franson homered, Trevor Kelly doubled, singles by Chris Rivard, John Kloosterman and Ryan Saylor.
Tiffany’s – Brent Lynch had 2 hits including a homerun, Drew Collison had 2 hits with a double, singles by Dale Daughty and Mike Meinecke.