D21 Softball

Rex Marquardt Memorial Tournament

Men's Major, A & B

Petoskey, MI


51st Annual Holiday Invitational started by Ed White in 1970 and renamed as the Rex Marquardt Memorial in 1998 after Rex passed away on 5/25/97. Rex was a long time Tournament Director at Ed White Field with Ed and Dick Harbaugh – Rex and Dick were inducted into the MASA Hall of Fame in 2002 to join Ed White in the Hall of Fame for their many years of service and in helping to build the reputation for tournament softball in Petoskey as one of the best.

Trevor, Shea, Paul, Jon

Trevor, Shea, Paul, Jon
1 / 2

Champion - Explorers from Midland

Runner-Up - Lightning from Marshall

3rd - Wranglers from Lyons

4th - Michigan Fastpitch from mid-west region


Individual Awards: (Picture - Trevor, Shea, Paul, Jon)

Infielder-Trevor Kelly (7-13, .538), Hitter-Shea Bryant (8-14, .571), Outdielder-Paul Miklovic 6-11, .545), Pitcher-Jon Gwizdala (3 wins, 16ip,5r,13h,32k,5bb).



Game Results:


G1: Lightning-10 (11 hits) over Explorers-6 (9 hits). WP-Sean Kelly (5ks, 2bbs), LP-Josh Eurich (2ks, 3bbs). Lightning-Chris Rivard had 3 hits with a homerun, Fred Bradford had a homerun and double, Darren Skirka homered and singled, singles by Doug Counterman, Rob Lewis, Steve Myers, Kaleb Frondren. Explorers-Preston Sherman and Justin Krenzke each homered and singled, Chase Cook tripled and singled, Devin Milheim doubled and singled, Paul Miklovic singled.


G2: Michigan Fastpitch-12 (14 hits) over Wranglers-5 (8 hits). WP-Brian Edwards (8k, 2bb), LP-Dyle VanderArk (7k, 5bb). MFP-Matt Bottom had 4 hits with a double, Jeff Louselle had 3 hits with a double, 1 hits each by Randy Wheelock, Mark Schley and Nick Hancock, single by Brian Edwards. Wranglers-Alec Bergman had a homerun and single, Nathan Krafft had a double and single, Seth Stuart and Carson Bassett each doubled, singles by David Krafft and Jake Phillips.


G3: Lightning-9 (9 hits) over Michigan Fastpitch-1 (3 hits). WP- Bryan Boyd (11k,1bb), LP-Paul Hoisington (1k,3bb) with one inning relief from Brian Edwards. Lightning-Doug Counterman had 3 hits with a homerun, Trevor Kelly and Kaleb Frondren each 2 hits with a homerun, Brandon Elder homered and Chris Rivard singled. MFP-Paul Hoisington doubled, singles by Kyle Jenner and Jeff Louselle.


G4: Explorers-9 (12 hits) over Wranglers-1 (2 hits) in 5 innings. WP-Jon Gwizdala (10k,1bb), LP-Zack Lach (1k, 2bb). Explorers-Shea Bryant homered and doubled, 2 hits each by Paul Miklovic, Chase Cook and Josh Eurich, doubles each by Jeff Nowaczyk and Chaz Hopkins, singles by Devin Milheim and Preston Sherman. Wranglers-Blaise Zimmer doubled and Alec Bergman singled.


G5: Wranglers-12 (12 hits) over Lightning-7 (8 hits). WP-Duke VanderArk (2k,2bb), LP-Doug Counterman (6k,3bb). Wranglers-David Krafft had 3 hits with 2 homeruns, Carson Bassett had 2 homeruns, Zack Lach and Duke VanderArk each had 2 hits, Alec Bergman homered, singles by Nathan Krafft and Blaise Zimmer. Lifhtning-Trevor Kelly had 3 hits with a double, Rob Lewis had 2 hits with a double, singles by Doug Counterman, Chris Rivard and Brandon Elder. Lightning finishes 2-1 and will be in championship at 6:30. Wranglers finish 1-2 and will be in consolation at 4:30. Winner of the 1:30 he between Explorers and Michigan FP will be in championship.


G6: Explorers-10 (12 hits) over Michigan FP-4 (8 hits). WP-Jon Gwizdala (18k,3bb) LP-Brian Edwards (3k,6bb) with 2 innings relief from Paul Hoisington. Explorers - Jeff Nowaczyk had a homerun and single, Chase Cook had a triple and single, Paul Miklovic, Josh Eurich and Devin Milheim each had 2 hits, Preston Sherman and Chaz Hopkins singled. MFP-Randy Wheelock and Mark Schlep each had 2 hits, Paul Hoisington and Brian Edwards each doubled, singles by Jeff Louselle and Matt Botti.


G7 Consolation: Wranglers 13 (15 hits) over Michigan FP-6 (7 hits). WP-Zack Lach (7k,0bb), LP-Paul Hoisington with Brian Edwards in 2 innings relief. Wranglers-Zack Lach had 3 hits with a homerun, David Krafft had a homerun and double, Seth Stuart homered and singled, Chase Lepird, Carson Bassett and Alex Bergmann each had 2 hits, singles by Nathan Krafft and Blaise Zimmer. MFP-Matt Botti had 1 hits, Mark Schlep homered, Brian Edwards doubled, singles by Randy Wheelock Jason McGovern and Nick Hancock.


G8 Championship: Explorers-13 (12 hits) over Lightning-1 (7 hits). WP-Jon Gwizdala (0r,3h,4k,1bb) with 1 inning relief from Josh Eurich (1r,4h,3k,0bb). LP-Sean Kelly (3ip,9r,9h,3k,1bb) with relief from Bryan Boyd (2ip,4r,3h,1k,2bb). Explorers-Jeff Nowaczyk had 2 homeruns, Chaz Hopkins had a homerun and single, Shea Bryant and Preston Shawn each had a double and single, singles by Justin Krenzke, Paul Miklovic, Chase Cook and Josh Eurich. Lightning-Fred Bradford and Trevor Kelly each had 2 hits, singles by Doug Counterman, Chris Rivard and Kaleb Frondren.