D21 Softball

Men's E Regionals

Men's Class E

Charlevoix, MI


Tournament Type: Double Elimination

Number of Teams: 9

(Top 3 teams advance to State Finals in Bay City over Labor Day Weekend)
1) Michael's Bar & Grill (Ludington) 5-1
2) Bay Street Orthopedics (Petoskey) 3-2
3) Harbor Home Care (Petoskey) 4-2
4) Roofs of the North #2 (Roscommon) 2-2
5) BC Pizza (Petoskey) 2-2
5) Cadillac Party Lounge (Cadillac) 1-2
7) Insurance Shop (East Jordan) 0-2
7) Bombers (Cheboygan) 0-2
9) East Jordan Ironworks (East Jordan) 0-2

G1: Harbor Home Care (Petoskey) over Ironworks (East Jordan) 9-2
     WP-Hamlin, LP-Brodin; Kolby Andrews (HHC) 3-4 HR w/ 3 RBI's, David Girard (HHC) had 2 hits; Matt Bishop (EJIW) HR
G2: Michael's Bar & Grill (Ludington) over BC Pizza (Petoskey) 5-4
     WP-Williamson, LP-Hiar; Jim Virdon (MBG) 3-3 w/ 4 RBI's; Clair Waterson, Mike Hughes & Scott Cischke (BCP) each had 2 hits
G3: Party Lounge (Cadillac) over Insurance Shop (East Jordan) 16-10
     WP-Fauble/Marjle, LP-Burt/Argetsinger; Chris Kulp (IS) 3-4 w/ HR & 5 RBI's; Willie Skrocki (IS) had 2 hits; Randy Powell, Rick Keeler & Kelly Maury (CPL) had 2 hits each
G4: Bay Street Orthopedics (Petoskey) over Bombers (Cheboygan) 15-3 (5)
     WP-Ormsbee, LP-Beaubien; Dan Wilcox (BSO) 3-3 w/ HR & 2B; Dave Jones (BSO) 3-4 w/2 2B's, Mark Thompson, Brian Wittenberg, Bill Brilley & Wade Williams (BSO) each had 2 hits; Tony Budzinski (B) had 2 hits
G5: Roofs of the North #2 (Roscommon) over Harbor Home Care 10-7
     WP-Imman, LP-Hamlin; Mark Gerber, Jeff Bumbalough & Scott Stegman (RON) each had 2 hits; Kolby Andrews & Chris Weston (HHC) each had 2 hits; Ryan Hubbard (RON) HR
G6: BC Pizza over EJ Ironworks 10-1
     WP-Dustin, LP-Brodin/Potter; Scott Cischke (BCP) 3-4 w/2B & Triple, Luke Bailey, Mike Hughes (BCP) each had 2 hits along with Art Grawey (BCP) who had a HR and single
G7: Harbor Home Care over Bombers 18-3 (4)
     WP-Weston, LP-Schley; Gary Gosciak (HHC) 3-3 w/ 2B; David Girard, Kolby Andrews & Rick Matelski (HHC) each had 2 hits
G8: BC Pizza over Insurance Shop 12-1 (5)
     WP-Hiar, LP-Burt; Andrew Hausler & Mike Hughes (BCP) 3-3 and Todd Flynn (BCP) had 2 hits; Ryan Antaya (IS) had 2 hits
G9: Michael's Bar & Grill over Cadillac Party Lounge 7-1
     WP-Lancour, LP-Bushor; Rob Landcour (MBG) 2-2 w/ 4 RBI's; Brandon
Wayman (CPL) had 2 hits
G10: Bay Street Orthopedics over Roofs of the North #2 5-4
     WP-Siegrist in relief of Ormsbee in 5th; LP-Gallaway; Dan Wilcox (BSO) 3-3 w/HR; Jeff Bumbalough & Don Haskins (RON) each had 2 hits
G11: Harbor Home Care over Cadillac Party Lounge 4-3
     WP-Hamlin, LP-Fauble; Mark Smith (HHC) 3-4, Gary Gosciak & Rick Matelski (HHC) each had 2 hits; Rick Keeler and Mike Fauble (CPL) had 2 hits each
G12: Roofs of the North #2 over BC Pizza 6-5 (9 innings)
     WP-Glombowski, LP-Dustin; Ryan Hubbard, Jeff Bumbalough, Mark Gerber, Scott Glombowski, Mark Sisco Jr & Scott Stegman (RON) each had 2 hits; Jamie Barkley (BCP) had 2 hits
G13: Bay Street Orthopedics over Michael's Bar & Grill 10-7
     WP-Ormsbee/Siegrist, LP-Williamson; Dan Wilcox and Brian Wittenberg (BSO) had 2 hits each; Kirk Caithamer (MBG) had a HR and single; Travis Walle, Rob Landcour, Jim Klug & Jim Virdon (MBG) each had 2 hits
G14: Harbor Home Care over Roofs of the North #2 6-5
     WP-Hamlin, LP-Gallaway; Tim Gallaway (RON) 3-4; Ryan Hubbard & Jeff Bumbalough (RON) had 2 hits each; Gary Gosciak, Chris Weston, Scott Lepird & JD Arman (HHC) had 2 hits each
G15: Michael's Bar & Grill over Harbor Home Care 13-5 (5 innings)
     WP-Landcour, LP-Weston; Nick Morgan (MBG) 4-4 w/ 2B & Triple 4 RBI's, Rob Landcour (MBG) 3-3 w/ 3 RBI's; Chris Weston & JD Arman (HHC) 3-3
G16: (Championship) Michael's over Bay Street Orthopedics 7-2
     WP-Landcour, LP-Ormsbee; Ron Williamson, Travis Walle, Kirk Caithamer &Nick Morgan (MBG) each had 2 hits; Gary Francis (BSO) 2 hits
G17: (If Game) Michael's over Bay Street 12-1 (5 innings)
     WP-Landcour, LP-Siegrist; Kirk Caithamer, Jim Virden & Fritz Peterson (MBG) 2-3; Wade Leist (HHC) 2-2 HR