D21 Softball

Rex Marquardt Memorial Invitational

Men's Major State Final

Petoskey, MI


Scott Kelly, Jeff Pettit, Virginia Marquardt, Tracy Boetsma, Dave O'Keefe

Scott Kelly, Jeff Pettit, Virginia Marquardt, Tracy Boetsma, Dave O'Keefe
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Tournament Type: Double elimination

Order of Finish:
1. Trophy Case from Petoskey – 4-1
2. Communiquest from Midland – 4-2
3. Priority Mortgage from Grand Rapids – 2-2
4. Plangger’s Furniture from Mishawaka, IN – 2-2
5. Masterkey / Up to Date Painting from Ann Arbor – 1-2
5. Frankenmuth Driving School – 0-2
7. Andreas Construction from Homer – 0-2

Individual Awards:
Pitcher – Jeff Pettit, Trophy Case – 4 wins, 0 losses, 22 2/3 IP, 8R, 19H, 17K, 9BB
Hitter – Tracy Boetsma, Priority Mortgage – 7-13  .538 batting average
Infielder – Scott Kelly, Trophy Case – 8-17  .471 avg, 13 putouts, 10 assists Outfielder – David O’Keefe, Communiquest – 9-18  .500 avg, 4 HR, 9 RBI, 8 R

Game 1:  Trophy Case – 3 (7 hits) over Communiquest – 2 (6 hits)
WP-Jeff Pettit (6K’s,3BB’s); LP-Shane Wilson (3K’s,1BB)
Trophy Case – 2 hits by Tracy Piehl including the game winning solo homerun in the bottom of the 7th inning, 2 hits by Bill Alward, RBI double by Scott Kelly, RBI single by Mike Piehl and a single by Jim Buchanan
Communiquest – 2 hits with RBI by Greg Sauve, solo homerun by David O’Keefe, singles by Mike Hoon, Steve O’Keefe and Nick Phillips

Game 2: Priority Mortgage – 11 (13 hits) over Andreas Construction – 6 (14 hits)
WP-Duke VanderArk (11K’s,2BB’s), LP-Jeff Sherman (4K’s,2BB’s)
Priority – 3 hits by Tracy Boetsma, 2 hits with a homerun each by Mike Gruppen and Tim Grassmid, 2 hits by Duke VanderArk, homerun by Phil Sczepanski, singles by Kevin Gruppen, Jeff Gebben and Scott Gruppen
Andreas – 3 hits by Steve Myers including a homerun, 2 hits with a homerun by Derek Lytle, 2 hits each by Jeff Graff and Clint Cook, singles by Derrick Griffith, Jeff Sherman, Bruce Miller, Toby Elliot and Jim Hoffman

Game 3: Masterkey – 3 (7 hits) over Plangger’s Furniture – 0 (2 hits)
WP-Mike Spagnuola (4K’s,1BB), LP-Rick Plangger (7K’s,2BB)
Masterkey – 2 hits by Adam Kern, homeruns by Brandon Coleman and Dave Lach, singles by Steve Findley, Steve Shores and Chris Dipzinski
Plangger’s – double by Chad Ferguson and single by Jeff Bohne

Game 4: Trophy Case – 6 (6 hits) over Frankenmuth Driving School – 5 (11 hits) in 9 innings; WP-Jeff Pettit (1 2/3 IP,0H’s,3K’s,0BB’s) in relief of Bill Yoder (7 1/3 IP,11H’s,8K’s,5BB’s), LP-Jason Hill (12K’s,9BB’s)
Trophy Case – game winning RBI single with 2 outs in bottom of 9th by Bill Alward for his 2nd hit of the game that scored Tracy Piehl who started at 2nd base with the international tie breaker, 3 hits by Scott Kelly, 3 run homerun by Jeff Pettit and single by Matt Hall
Frankenmuth – 3 hits by Trent Bethune including a 2 RBI double to tie game in top of the 7th inning, 3 hits by Brian Jammer, 2 hits including a homerun by Steve Mullaley, singles by Todd Moore, Jason Hill and Kevin Jammer

Game 5: Priority Mortgage – 7 (12 hits) over Masterkey – 4 (4 hits)
WP-Tracy Boetsma (6K’s,2BB’s), LP-Dan Neff (2/3 IP,5R’s,5H’s,2K’s,0BB’s) with Mike Spagnuola in relief (5 1/3IP,2R’s,7H’s,2K’s,0BB’s)
Priority – 2 hits with a double each by Mike Gruppen, Tracy Boetsma and Terry Bosch, 2 hits by Jeff Gebben, homeruns by Kevin Gruppen, Mike Lalonde and Tim Grassmid, and a triple by Duke VanderArk
Masterkey – 2 hits with a homerun by Dave Lach, singles by Steve Findlay, Chris Frank

Game 6: Plangger’s Furniture – 6 (6 hits) over Andreas Construction – 0 (1 hit)
WP-Sean Kelly (12K’s,2BB’s), LP-Jeff Graff (4K’s,1BB)
Plangger’s – 2 hits by Chad Ferguson, Homerun by Tim Kauffman, double by Doc Brown, singles by Jeff Bohne and Sean Kelly
Andreas – single by Toby Elliot

Game 7: Communiquest – 11 (11 hits) over Masterkey – 3 (5 hits)
WP-Shane Wilson (3K’s,0BB’s), LP-Dan Neff (5 1/3 IP,4R’s,6H’s,1K,3BB’s) with Mike Spagnuola in relief (1 2/3 IP,7R’s,5H’s,1K,2BB’s)
Communiquest – 2 hits by Steve O’Keefe, Timm Richardson and Ken Haut, homerun by Brad O’Keefe, singles by Mike Hoon, Darren Haut and Dave O’Keefe
Masterkey – homerun by Brandon Coleman, singles by Steve Findlay, Adam Kern, Chris Dipzinski and Steve Shores

Game 8:  Plangger’s Furniture - 3 (5 hits) over Frankenmuth – 2 (8 hits)
WP-Sean Kelly (2 IP, 0R’s,2K’s,0BB’s) in relief of Rick Plangger (5 IP, 2R’s,8H’s,8K’s,1BB), LP-Jason Hill (6K’s,3BB’s)
Plangger’s – Tim Kauffman hit a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 6th inning to take a 3-2 lead, Tim also singled in the 4th, Jeff Bohne had a solo homerun in the 2nd inning, singles by Doc Brown and Don Seifert
Frankenmuth – Brian Jammer had an RBI single in the 3rd inning to tie the score at 1-1, Kevin Jammer had a solo homerun in the 4th to take a 2-1 lead, Jason Hill had 2 hits, Brian Jammer had a double and single, Todd Moore doubled, singles by Steve Mullaley and Trent Bethune

Game 9: Trophy Case – 4 (8 hits) over Priority Mortgage – 2 (7 hits)
WP-Jeff Pettit (6K’s,4BB’s), LP-Duke VanderArk (3K’s,1BB)
Trophy Case – Mike Piehl had 3 hits including a double and a 2 run homer in the 3rd inning to give Trophy Case a 4-0 lead, Matt Hall had a double that drove in 2 runs in the 2nd inning for Trophy Case, singles by Scott Kelly, Tracy Piehl, Jeff Pettit and Brad Hasse
Priority – Duke VanderArk hit a solo homerun in the 4th inning to make the score 4-1, Kevin Gruppen had an RBI single in the 5th inning to score Scott Gruppen who had 1 of his 2 hits in the game, singles by Mike Gruppen, Tracy Boetsma and Tim Grassmid.  With 2 outs in the top of the 7th inning, Priority loaded the bases with 3 walks before the game ended on a soft liner to the first baseman

Game 10: Communiquest - 12 (16 hits) over Plangger’s Furniture - 4 (8 hits)
WP-Shane Wilson (4K’s,3BB’s), LP-Sean Kelly (2K’s,1BB)
Communiquest – 4 hits by David O’Keefe with 2 homeruns and 4 RBI’s, 3 hits by Mike Hoon with a homerun and 5 RBI’s, 3 hits by Darren Haut with 2 doubles, 2 hits each by Ken Haut and Robin Allen
Plangger’s – 2 hits with a homerun by Chad Ferguson, 2 hits by Sean Zaborowski, doubles by Sean Kelly and Don Seifert, singles by Tim Kauffman and Steve Hamming

Game 11:  Communiquest  – 8 (11hits) over Priority Mortgage - 5 (5 hits)
WP Shane Wilson (6K’s,1BB’s), LP-Tracy Boetsma (3 2/3 IP,7R,9H,0K,3BB) with Duke VanderArk in relief (3 1/3 IP,1R,2H,1K,1BB)
Communiquest – 2 hits by Dave Dufort and Robin Allen, homerun by Steve O’Keefe, double by Brad O’Keefe, singles by Steve O’Keefe, Ken Haut, Mike Hoon and Dave Dufort
Priority – 2 hits by Duke VanderArk, homerun by Phil Szcepanski, double by Mike Gruppen, single by Tracy Boetsma

Game 12 (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME): Communiquest – 11 (7 hits) over Trophy Case – 0 (4 hits) in 5 innings
WP - Shane Wilson (2K’s, 0BB’s), LP - Bill Yoder (0K’s, 5BB’s)
Communiquest – homerun and triple by Steve O’Keefe, 3 singles for Nick Phillips, singles by Brad O’Keefe and Dave O’Keefe
Trophy Case – two hits for Jim Buchanan, singles for Bill Alward and Mike Piehl

Game 13 (If Game):  Trophy Case – 9 (13 hits) over Communiquest – 4 (6 hits)
WP – Jeff Pettit (2K’s, 2BB’s), LP-Shane Wilson (4K’s,5BB’s)
Trophy Case – Jim Buchanan and Scott Kelly had 3 hits each, Mike Piehl had 2 hits with a homerun, Matt Hall had 2 hits, and double by Shawn Racignol, singles by Jeff Pettit and Bill Alward
Communiquest – Ken Haut had 2 hits with a double, homerun by Dave O’Keefe, double by Mike Hoon, singles by Nick Phillips and Robyn Allen

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Tournament Note: Sunday games were played in rain 90% of the time.