D21 Softball

Women's Class B & C State Finals

Women's Class B & C

Petoskey, MI


Individual Awards

Individual Awards
1 / 2

Tournament Type:  Double Elimination

The Class C state finals in Port Huron were cancelled due to lack of teams so 3 C teams chose to participate in this tournament as well for a combined B/C tournament.

Top 4 teams have berth opportunity for Class B Nationals in Spokane, WA.  Bottom 3 teams have berth opportunity for Class C Nationals in Grand Forks, ND.

Lisa Shepard, pitcher for Victories, one walk away from a perfect game in the championship game of the Women’s Class B/C State Finals to clinch the state title in Petoskey!

Order of Finish:
1. Victories Casino – Petoskey – District 21 – 4-0
2. Lady Lakers – Ludington – District 18 – 3-2
3. Murdock Flooring / Andreas Construction – Albion – District 3 – 2-2
4. C & W Distributing – Fountain – District 18 – 2-2
5. Blue Dogs – Petoskey / Port Huron – District 21 – 1-2
5. Northern Michigan Sports Medicine – Petoskey – District 21 – 0-2
7. Homer Alumni – Homer – District 3 – 0-2

Individual Awards:
Pitcher – Lisa Shepard from Victories Casino – 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 save,  16IP, 6H, 2R,  17K, 2BB
Hitter – Keri Cole from C & W Distributing – .468 avg
Infielder – Liz Grunch from Victories
Outfielder – Pam Hodge from Victories

Game Summaries:
Game 1:  Murdock Flooring / Andreas Construction – 4 (4 hits) over NM Sports Med – 2 (6 hits)  WP-Janna Klassen (7K,3BB) LP-Ava Pickering (4IP,4H,4R,4K,6BB) with relief from Jackie Brooks (2IP,0H,0R,1K,3BB)
Andreas – singles by Janna Klassen, Donna Farmer, Kellie Murdock and Sara Southwick
NM Sports – 3 hits by Patty Schmoldt, 2 hits by Ellie Neidhamer and a single by Sandy Clausen

Game 2: C&W Distributing – 10 (10 hits) over Blue Dogs – 2 (7 hits) in 5 innings WP-Keri Cole (2K,0BB) LP-Keri Kelly (3K,1BB)
C&W – 2 hits each by Jeanne Cole, Keri Cole and Brandi Cole, singles by Jess Tallquist, Kylie Salmon, Kayla Vansickle and Sharon McCumber
Blue Dogs – 2 hits each by Sue Gasco and Keri Kelly, singles by Kristi Wilber, Cindy Moore and Jane Perry

Game 3: Victories Casino – 5 (5 hits) over Homer Alumni – 4 (5 hits) in 8 innings WP-Denise Betts (8K,2BB) LP-Sarah Butler (2K,2BB)
Victories – Rhonda Buchanan had the game winning RBI single in the bottom of the 8th inning for her second hit of the game, Pam Hodge, Lisa Shepard and Shawnesy Patton singled.
Homer – Jennifer Newland had 2 hits, singles added by Sarah Butler, Deb Norton and Rebecca Warner.

Game 4:  Andreas – 6 (5 hits) over Lady Lakers – 5 (11 hits) in 8 innings
WP-Janna Klassen (5 2/3IP,2R,6H,6K,2BB) in relief of Erin Kershaw (2 1/3IP,3R,5H,2K,3BB) LP-Autumn Palik (5IP,4R,2H,5K,5BB) in relief of Stephanie Morong (3IP,2R,3H,1K,1BB)
Andreas – Sara Southwick had the game winning RBI single in the bottom of the 8th along with another single, Janna Klassen had 2 hits and Amanda Kershaw had a single
Lady Lakers – 2 hits each by Sunny Jones, Kristy Francis, Kim Inman and Michelle VanBuren with singles by Kendi Taylor, Mandy Trevino and Kelly Collins

Game 5: Victories – 2 (5 hits) over C&W Distributing – 1 (3 hits)
WP-Lisa Shepard (1K,2BB) LP-Keri Cole (3IP,4H,0K,2BB) with relief from Jeanne Cole (3IP,1H,1K,0BB)
Victories – Liz Grunch had a single that scored 2 runs in the 4th inning with the game 1-0, Pam Hodge had a double and single, Shawnesy Patton and Lisa Shepard singled.
C&W- singles by Keri Cole, Sharon McCumber and Kayla Vansickle.

Game 6: Blue Dogs – 8 (10 hits) over Homer Alumni – 5 (10 hits)
WP-Jen Privette (5IP,7H,3K,2BB) with relief from Keri Kelly (2IP,3H,1K,0BB) LP-Jenn Newland (6K,2BB)
Blue Dogs – 3 hits each by Kristi Wilber, Sue Gasco and Keri Kelly, 2 hits by Jen Walker and singles by Cindy Moore and Jen Privette.
Homer – 3 hits by Melissa Wolfe, 2 hits by Jody Matheson, triple by Suzy Raker and singles by Jenn Newland, Sarah Butler, Dani Ingraham and Steph Warner.

Game 7: C&W Distributing – 13 (13 hits) over NM Sports Med – 5 (6 hits)
WP-Keri Cole (4IP,2H,6K,0BB) with relief from Kayla Vansickle and Melanie Stickney LP-Jackie Brooks with Ava Pickering in relief.
C&W - 3 hits by Keri Cole, 2 hits by Jeanne Cole, Sharon McCumber and Angie Sietsema, with singles by Jess Tallquist, Kayla Vansickle, Melanie Stickney and Kylie Salmon.
NM Sports - Jackie Brooks had a double and single, Ellie Neidhamer, Jesse Raber, April Leist and Stacey Ostrowski each had singles.

Game 8: Lady Lakers – 8 (7 hits) over Blue Dogs – 0 (2 hits) in 5 innings
WP-Kelly Collins (0K,2BB) LP-Keri Kelly (2K,3BB)
Lady Lakers – 2 hits each by Stacey Stowe and Kristy Francis, triple by Sunny Jones and singles by Mandy Trevino and Kim Inman
Blue Dogs – singles by Keri Kelly and Sara Schultz-Mullins

Game 9: (Winner Bracket Final) Victories – 8 (6 hits) over Andreas – 4 (7 hits) WP-Denise Betts (5IP,3R,4H,3K,3BB) with relief from Lisa Shepard (2IP,1R,3H,6K,1BB) LP-Erin Kershaw (3 1/3IP,6R,6H,5K,1BB) with relief from Katie Rabokon (3 2/3IP,2R,0H,5K,1BB)
Victories – 2 hits by Denise Betts and Liz Grunch, singles by Rhonda Buchanan and Lisa Shepard
Andreas – 3 hits by Erin Kershaw, singles by Janna Klassen, Donna Farmer, Amanda Kershaw and Hanna Kershaw


Game 10: Lady Lakers – 3 (7 hits) over C & W Distributing – 2 (6 hits)
WP-Kelly Collins (2K,2BB) LP-Keri Cole (4K,2BB)
Lady Lakers – Michelle VanBuren drove in 2 runs in the 4th inning to make the score 3-2, Autumn Palik had 2 hits, Kendi Taylor, Stacey Stow, Sunny Jones, Stefanie Marong and Kelly Collins each had singles.
C&W – Brandi Cole drove in 2 runs in the top of the 1st inning for the C&W scoring, Jeanne Cole had 2 hits, Jess Tallquist, Brandi Cole, Sharon McCumber and Kylie Salmon singled.

Game 11:  Lady Lakers – 9 (5 hits) over Andreas Construction – 0 (3 hits) in 5 innings
WP-Autumn Palik (5K,0BB) LP-Janna Klassen (4K,5BB)
Lady Lakers – 2 hits by Kandi Taylor with 3 RBI’s, Mandy Trevino had a triple and single with 2 RBI’s, and Sunny Jones doubled.
Andreas – Lindsey Adams doubled, Donna Farmer and Erin Kershaw singled.

Victories – 3 (11 hits) over Lady Lakers - 0 (0 hits)
WP-Lisa Shepard (NO HITTER, 7K,1BB) LP-Stefanie Morong (2K,0BB)
Victories – Shawnesy Patton had 3 hits, Pam Hodge and Amanda Eaton had 2 hits, singles by Meg Kitson, Liz Grunch, Rhonda Buchanan and Kate Eustice.  In the top of the 6th inning with one out, Amanda Eaton and Liz Grunch had back to back singles, a ground out scored the first run of the game and with two outs, Kate Eustice singled to bring in the second run of the inning.  In the top of the 7th inning, Shawnesy Patton lead off with a single, advanced to second on the sacrifice bunt and with 2 outs, scored on the RBI single by Pam Hodge.
Lakers – no hits.  Baserunner to lead off 3rd inning with a base on balls, sacrifice bunted to second and stranded.  No other batters reached base.