D21 Softball

Mary Lou Ingalls Memorial Invitational

Women's Class A, B & C

Petoskey, MI


Individual Awards

Individual Awards
1 / 8

Order of Finish:
1. Hooters – Kalamazoo – 4-0
2. Team Venezuela – National Team – 3-2
3. Taylor Doors – Ypsilanti – 2-2
4. USA Fastball – Grand Rapids – 1-2
5. Blue Dogs – Port Huron / Petoskey – 0-2
5. Lady Explorers – Midland – 0-2

Individual Awards:
Outstanding Pitcher – Lorilyn Wilson / Hooters (2 wins, 0losses, 13 1/3 IP, 4 R’s, 9 H’s, 22 K’s, 1 BB)
Outstanding Hitter – Yuruby Alicart / Venezuela (8-16, 7RBI’s, 2-2b’s, 3-3b’s)
Outstanding Infielder – Jineth Pementel / Venezuela (6-12, 2 RBI’s, 3 R’s, 11 assists, 3 put outs, 0 errors)
Outstanding Outfielder – Ruby Rojas / Venezuela (5-15, 5 RBI’s, 1 HR, outstanding defensive plays)

Tournament Director Notes:

John Bacho’s Hooters team from Kalamazoo included University of Michigan stars Samantha Findlay, Becky Marx and Tiffany Worthy along with next year’s probable starting pitcher, Larilyn Wilson from Salem, Oregon on their roster.  Findlay,Marx and Worthy  hadto leave following the games Saturday night to assist with a camp at U of M on Sunday.  Findlay will be participating with Team USA in Taiwan in the upcoming weeks.

Taylor Doors team from Ypsilanti had a number of Eastern Michigan University standouts including career homerun record holder Lauren Clark who will be entering her 4th season at EMU in the fall.

Team Venezuela included 14 United States collegiate players representing Venezuela from University of Indiana, Iowa, Florida and others.  Team Venezuela was in the United States touring in preparation for biggertournaments.  Later in the week they will be flying to Vancouver, British Columbia for the Canada Cup and later in the year competing in the World Tournament in China as well as the CentralAmerican Games.  Next summer they will be in the states touring in preparation for the Pan Am Games and may return to Petoskey for this invitational if schedules can be coordinated.

This tournament saw three out of the park homeruns which are the 5th, 6th and 7th in historical memory for out of the park homeruns by females on this field during tournaments with its 235 foot fences over the past 35 years.  Two Venezuela players, Ruby Rojas and Denisse Fuenmiyor, and Kelly Kirmode from Blue Dogs each hit homerunsout ofthe park in this year’s tournament.  Becky Marx was the 4th in history to do so in last year’s tournament.

Other additional highlights involved some of the younger players such as 17 year old pitcher, Krystal Ryskamp, who pitched for her Grand Rapids USA Fastball team as they competed very well losing to Venezuela 8-2, beating the Blue Dogs 5-1 and losing to two time champion of the Ingalls Invitational Taylor Doors by a score of 8-5; overall a very good showing for the combined efforts of high school age and early college age players from Grand Rapids considering the world class caliber competition at this weekend’s tournament.

Game Results:

Game 1:  Team Venezuela – 8 (13 hits) over USA Fastball – 2 (9 hits)
WP – Mariela Espinoza (4 2/3 IP, 2 R’s, 5 H’s, 5 K’s, 1 BB) with relief from Jhuana Gomez (2 1/3 IP, 0 R’s, 4 H’s, 1 K, 0 BB), LP – KrystalRyskamp (1 K, 3 BB’s)
Venezuela – Denisse Fuenmayor had 3 hits with a homerun, double and 5 RBI’s, Yuruby Alicart had 3 hits, singles by Maria Soto,Jineth Pementel, Geraldine Puerta, Ruby Rojas, May Ocanto, SofiaPementel and Zyleima Rodriguez.
USA Fastball – Amanda Barrons had 3 hits with 2 doubles and an RBI, Kristie Cornell had 2 hits with a double and RBI, singles by Ashley Inman, Courtney Miles, Caitlin Zyskowski and Kristi Labinski.

Game 2:  Hooters – 2 (9 hits) over Lady Explorers – 4 (10 hits) in 9 innings
WP – Lorilyn Wilson (6 1/3 IP, 2 R’s, 2 H’s, 12 K’s, 0 BB’s) in relief of Allison Crew (2 2/3 IP, 2 R’s, 8 H’s, 2 K’s, 0 BB’s), LP –Kristen Shumaker (5 K’s, 2 BB’s)
Hooters – Ashley Strauss had 3 hits with a triple and2 RBI’s, Becky Marx had 2 hits with 2 RBI’s, Lindsey Calme had 2 hitswith an RBI, Stephanie Sabo and Katie Horvath singled.
Explorers – Kim Cozat and Sam Thacker each had 2 hits, RBI singles by Laura Crower, Korey Schluckbier and Amanda Gelder, singles by Karen Hahs, Suzie Giroux and Michelle Weatherdon.

Game 3:  Team Venezuela – 8 (7 hits) over Taylor Door – 0 (6 hits)
WP – Castellanos (5 IP, 4 H’s, 5 K’s, 1 BB) with relief fromGomez (1 IP, 2 H’s), LP – Kristen Bultinck (5 1/3 IP, 8 R’s, 6 H’s, 5 K’s, 2BB’s) with relief from Jessie Milosek (2/3 IP, 1 H, 1 BB)
Venezuela – Ruby Rojas had 2 hits with a homerun and4 RBI’s, Denise Fuenmayor had 2 hits with a double and RBI, May Oconto andMaribel Riera doubled, Anadis Suarez singled.
Taylor Doors – Erin Hanlon had 2 hits, singles byNichole Taucher, Katie Shea, Jessie Milosek and Christie Koester.

Game 4:  Hooters – 2 (2 hits) over Blue Dogs – 1 (4 hits)
WP – Allison Crews (4 K’s, 0 BB’s), LP – Stacey Barber-Walker (3 K’s, 0 BB’s)
Hooters – Katie Grens had an RBI double and Becky Marx had an RBI single.
Blue Dogs – Kelly Kermode hit a homerun, singles by Jen Walker, Brooke Hall and Ellie Neidhamer.

Game 5:  Taylor Doors – 1 (4 hits) over Lady Explorers – 0 (7 hits)
WP – Kristin Bultinck (7 K’s, 1 BB), LP – Stacey Delaney (9 K’s, 0 BB’s)
Taylor Doors – Katie Shea doubled, Erin Handlon, Lauren Clark and Kristen Zabalavicious singled.
Lady Explorers – 2 hits each by Laura Crower and Korey Schluckbier, singles by Karen Hahs, Brit Decker and Brenna Przelawski.
Notes - No score through 6 ½ innings.  Erin Handlon led off the bottom of the 7thinning with a single, Katie Shea was safe at first on a sacrifice and errorthat put runners at 1st and 3rd with no out.  Lauren Clark singled in the game winningrun.

Game 6:  USA Fastball – 5 (4 hits) over Blue Dogs – 1 (7 hits)
WP – Krystal Ryskamp (5 K’s, 7 BB’s), LP – Kelly Kermode (4 K’s, 2 BB’s)
USA Fastball – Triples by Amanda Barrons, Kristie Cornell and Ahsley Aspinall, Courtney Miles singled.
Blue Dogs – Kelly Kermode and Ellie Neidhamer each had 2 hits, singles by Aimee Smith, Brooke Hall and Sara Schultz-Mullins.
Notes - Blue Dogs scored in top of the 3rd inning when Jen Walker reached on a walk, stole second and scored on Hall’s RBI single.  USA Fastball scores in the bottom of the 4th on back to back triples by Cornell and Aspinall with Aspinall scoring on a passed ball.  USA added 3 more runs in the 6th inningwhen Barrons led offwith a triple, two more runners reached base on an error and walk,Courtney Miles had an RBI sac fly for the 1st out and run of theinning, another scored on a passed ball and the 3rd on a fielders choice.

Game 7:  Hooters – 3 (5 hits) over Team Venezuela – 2 (7 hits)
WP – Lorilyn Wilson (10 K’s, 1 BB), LP – Jhoana Gomez (4 K’s, 1 BB)
Hooters – Katie Grens had a single with 2 RBI’s,Samantha Findlay had a single with an RBI, Amanda Heckaman doubled, singles by Ashley Strauss and Becky Marx.
Venezuela – Yurubi Alicart had a triple and double with an RBI, Yusmori Perez had 2 hits with a double and an RBI, singles by Jenith Pimentel, Maria Soto and Geraldine Puerta.
Notes -  Team Venezuela scores in top of the 5th when Puerta singles, advances to second base on a sacrifice and then scores on the pinch hit single by Perez.  In the bottom of the 6th inning with 2 outs for Hooters, Strauss reaches base on an error, followed by a single from Marx to put runners at 1st and 2nd base.  Findlay ties the game with a single and Grens knocks in Marx and Findlay with her single to score 3 runs – all unearned following the error that would have been the third out.  In the top of the 7th inning forVenezuela, they scored one run when Rodriguez doubled and Alicart tripled with2 outs.  The final out of the game came with Alicart on 3rd base with the score 3-2 on a fly out to the third baseman.

Game 8: Taylor Doors – 8 (15 hits) over USA Fastball – 5 (10 hits)
WP – Kristen Zabalavicius (5 2/3 IP, 5 R’s, 10 H’s, 2 K’s, 3 BB’s) with relief from Kristen Bultinck (1 1/3 IP, 0 R’s, 0 H’s, 1 K), LP –Krystal Ryskamp (1 K, 3 BB’s)
Taylor Doors – Nichole Taucher had 3 hits with a double and RBI, Katie Shea had 2 hits with a triple, Kristen Zabalavicius andSarah Milosek had 2 hits with a double, Christie Koester and Erin Hanlon had 2 hits, Beth Striffler singled.
USA Fastball – Kristie Cornell had 2 hits with a triple, Katie Botsis had 2 hits, Ashleigh Inman tripled, Caitlynn Zubkowski doubled, singles by Amanda Barrons, Ashley Aspinall and Krystal Ryskamp.
Notes – USA Fastball had a 2 run lead when TaylorDoors scored 6 runs in the top of the 4th inning and added 2 moreruns in the 5th inning.  USA Fastball scored 3 in the 6th inning to make it 8-5 but wasunable to rally in the 7th.

Game 9:  Team Venezuela – 4 (14 hits) over Taylor Doors – 1 (4 hits)
WP – Marianella Castellanos (6 K’s, 4 BB’s), LP – JesseMilosek (3 K’s, 0 BB’s)
Venezuela – Yurubi Alicart had a triple and double,Yusmari Perez had 2 hits with a double, Jineth Pimentel, Denisse Fuentmayor and Geraldine Puerta each had 2 hits, singles by Maria Soto, Ruby Rojas, May Ocanto and Maribel Riera.
Taylor Doors – Katie Shea doubled, singles by Nicole Taucher, Randi Wolfe and Sarah Milosek.
Notes -  Venezuela scored one in the top of the first when Perez singled and Alicart tripled, another run in the 4th inning on an error.  Taylor scored one in the 4th whenSarah Milosek got an RBI walk with the bases loaded by fouling off 7 or8 pitches during her at bat.  Venezuelascored 2 more in the top of the 7th inning when Perez doubled, Alicart had an RBI double followed by an RBI single for Soto.

Game 10:  Hooters – 5 (4 hits) over Team Venezuela – 2 (7 hits)
WP – Allison Crew (3 K’s, 2 BB’s), LP – Jhoana Gomez (2 K’s, 0 BB’s)
Hooters – Lindsey Calme had a single with 2 RBI’s,Katie Grens had an RBI single, Amanda Heckman and Molly Mroczak each had RBI’s, singles by Stephanie Sabo and Ashley Strauss.
Venezuela – Jineth Pementel had 2 hits, Yurubi Alicart had a triple with 2 RBI’s, singles by Mairet Perez, Ruby Rojas, MayOcanto and Soffia Pementel.
Notes - Hooters scored 5 runs in the bottom of the first on 3 hits with the help of an error and hit batter.  Venezuela scored 2 runs in the top of the 3rdinning with a hit batter, single and triple by Alicart.  Each team had one additional hit after the 3rdinning.